Thursday, July 13, 2017

Infestation (2009)

Director: Kyle Rankin

Stars: Chris Marquette, Brooke Nevin, Kinsey Packard, Ray Wise

A slacker awakes to find himself weak and wrapped in a webbing; after realizing that the world has been taken over by giant alien insects, he wakes a ragtag group of strangers and together they fight for survival.

This movie was decent. It is just another "funny" horror movie about giant bugs trying to take over the planet. That is all this movie is about. It is not a deep story at all, so that is all the explanation that it needs.

The giant bugs in the movie looked pretty good. They looked like giant beetles that were the size of a VW Beetle. The bugs were neat and all, but there was nothing scary or funny in the whole movie. It was just moving pictures in front of my eyes. It was nothing special at all.

Chris Marquette was decent in this movie. I am not a big fan of his at all, but he was not as annoying as hell normally is. I still see him as a kid actor. Even though he is all grown up. The rest of the cast was okay.

I was just not really a fan of this movie at all. It was barely worth watching once. The movie was made up of mainly Chris Marquette talking most of the time. It was a bit annoying. Enjoy.

Infestation (2009) Trailer

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