Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987)

Director: Bruce Pittman

Stars: Lisa Schrage, Michael Ironside, Wendy Lyon, Louis Ferreira

In 1957, Hamilton High School's prom queen got flambéed. Now she's back and she's burning mad! It's been 30 years since bad girl Mary Lou Maloney was accidentally torched by her ex-boyfriend Bill Nordham just before she was about to be crowned prom queen. Bill is now Hamilton High's principal and his son, Craig is dating this year's hopeful queen, good girl Vicki Carpenter. When Vicki finds an old dress perfect for the prom, then trouble begins. Mary Lou's spirit possesses Vicki's body and a torrent of fury is unleashed on everyone in town. With or without a tiara, Mary Lou is going to make prom night hot!

Here is another one of those good bad movie. This is a bad movie, but it is one of those that you may watch, if you caught it on cable. It is a late 80's horror movie that has some blood and gore with naked boobs in it. It was a great movie for teenage boys to watch.

The story to this movie was pretty cheesy. I mean a bitchy tramp dies in a fire at her prom, then decades later decides to possess a plain Jane high school girl. I mean it is a pretty lame story, but if you throw a couple of naked breasts in the movie, then you have a better story.

The acting in this movie was some of the worse that I have seen. Lisa Schrage, who plays Vicki, is terrible in this movie. I know she was young, but her reacts to every single thing in the movie was so off. You are sitting there thinking how no one would act like that. She over reacts the whole movie.

This movie is worth seeing at least once. Like I said, it is not the best movie out there. The first movie was so much better. If you have not seen this movie, then at least watch it for a laugh or for the love. Enjoy.

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