Friday, July 7, 2017

Copycat (1995)

Director: Jon Amiel

Stars: Sigourney Weaver, Holly Hunter, Dermot Mulroney, William McNamara, Harry Connick Jr., Will Patton

Helen Hudson is a brilliant forensic psychologist who specializes in the study of serial killers. After one of her subjects attempts to kill her, Hudson suffers a nervous breakdown and becomes agoraphobic. However, when a series of ritualized murders baffle the San Francisco Police Department, M.J. Monahan, a feisty, intelligent detective, turns to the unwilling Hudson for help in finding the killer. The team of doctor and detective becomes a target when their quarry learns who is on his trail.

This is one of the best crime movies that I have seen. I loved this movie when I first watched it, and I still love it. This movie did not do well at all when it was released. I think that it was only in theaters for a few months. You saw the ads for it coming out, then it was coming out to rent not long after that. People just did not know much about it.

This movie is about a twisted serial killer, well two of them. They are somewhat working together in an odd way. The main killer is copycatting notorious serial killer murders in the city. He is doing a great job of confusing the police, and he has made the police to get the most experienced forensic psychologist to help on the case. He has gotten what he wants. This movie was written so well. The story is one of the best.

The cast was amazing. Sigourney Weaver was great at portraying a pill popping, boozy, shut in, forensic psychologist. She is normally a well put together character or fighter. Holly Hunter and Dermot Mulroney were great as partners solving this case. They just worked so well together. It was almost like it was an everyday thing. William McNamara was the surprise as the creepy guy, since he is usually the yuppie asshole in movies.

I just think that this is a great movie. I really have no complaints about this movie at all. If you have never seen this movie, then you really do need to do so. You will not be disappointed at all. Enjoy.

Copycat (1995) Trailer

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