Friday, July 28, 2017

Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh (1991)

Director: Dean Tschetter

Stars: Jake Dengel, Joe Sharkey, Susann Fletcher

A police detective teams up with his buddy's daughter to investigate cult-ritual mutilations.
That is all that this movie is about, but it is all of the side characters that makes this movie so funny. There is nothing scary about this movie at all. They have blood and gore all in the movie, but no scares at all.

This movie is one of the great Z-rate drive-in movies that have now been lost through time. It is a movie that is so bad that it make the movie good and funny in a weird way. The characters are what really made this movie stand out. The detective's chain smoking wife is the best in the movie. I wanted to watch nothing but her. She was trying to quit smoking, so she was doing everything hoping that something would work. They are really funny scenes.

The movie itself is really bad with bad cool murder scenes. I loved it. This movie was not made to be a major hit or anything close to that. They knew it was going to be a low rate horror/comedy. That is what makes the movie good, is that they did not care about perfection.

This is one of those movies that maybe hard to find, but if you can find it, watch it. It is so worth watching once. You will get a kick out of it. I hope. Enjoy.

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