Thursday, July 20, 2017

Black Caesar (1973)

Director: Larry Cohen

Stars: Fred Williamson, Gloria Hendry, Art Lund

Growing up on the tough streets of Harlem, Tommy Gibbs has his life made even harder by John McKinney, a crooked cop who breaks the boy's leg, crippling him for life. Drawing on his anger at the racism he faces on a daily basis, Tommy grows up to become the crime kingpin of Harlem. Now that he has the power, he aims to take down New York's Mafia bosses, and also get bloody revenge on his nemesis, McKinney, no matter what the cost.

This is not the best Blaxploitation movie out there, but it is not the worst. It is the basic story of a poor kid in the hood that gets screwed over by a crooked white cop. That still happens today.  Now they are being shot, so this kid was lucky.

There was still an open tension between white and black people. It was these movies that help the rest of the country show how black people saw, and they felt about the racial tension that existed. These movies expressed how people were feeling about their own lives. Black people were seeing an image or version of their lives on the big screen.

The action in this movie is not bad. It is mostly all gun shooting with bad death scenes. It was the 70's, so what do you expect. This movie watches like a B-movie. It is cheesy as hell. The acting was not that bad.

This was a pretty good movie. There are better out there. It is worth watching once, at least. Enjoy.

Black Caesar (1973) Trailer

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