Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Aaaaaaaah! (2015)

Director: Steve Oram

Stars: Jade Alexander, Julian Barratt, Missa Blue

Ever imagined what life would be like if humans were apes in modern life? That is the portrayal in this deeply thought provoking mind boggle.

First of all, there is no dialogue in this entire movie. It is nothing but a bunch of grunts and screeching. I am not kidding. These people are acting like monkeys, so you are watching people acting very bad in front of other people. Women are letting their boobs just hang out. The women are being sexually aggressive toward men. People are just going up to one another and mating. It is strange to watch.

That all being said, this movie was interesting. I get and understand the point of the movie. I just do not know that if we really need to see the behavior reversal of humans and gorillas. The movie just does not play out as something that you would want to see even once. There is no way that someone would want to rewatch this movie over and over again. I would not think so. Watch the movie once, if you must. Enjoy.

Aaaaaaaah! (2015) Trailer

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