Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Collection (2012)

Director: Marcus Dunstan

Stars: Josh Stewart, Emma Fitzpatrick, Christopher McDonald, Lee Tergesen, Randall Archer

After escaping the dungeon of a serial killer, a man is forced to return to the house of horrors to help save a woman now in the killer's clutches. The squad of mercenaries leading the rescue must first find their way through a maze of lethal traps.

Arkin is back in the sequel to help the police find a young women that has been kidnapped by the Collector. The police are not giving him much of a choice. This poor man has to go into this serial killer's house to find a missing girl. He is just glad that he made it out of that house alive the first time. Now, he has to deal with more of this killer's crap as Arkin goes inside the killer's home. That is just nuts.

The opening scene in the warehouse was the best. The deaths that happen in the beginning of the movie was some of the best that I have seen. The rest of the deaths in the movie were pretty great. I was impressed with them. The make-up work in the movie was so good. There was blood and body parts all over the place in several scenes. This is what made the movie worth watching.

The script and the story was the down fall of this movie. This movie, like the first one, was a complete rip off of the Saw movies, but the movie still worked just not that well. The dialogue for the was not that good at all. You just wanted the actors to just shut up at times.

This movie recieved lots of bad reviews, but I do not think it is that bad. The special effects make-up and the deaths scenes are well worth watching. It is just sad that is the best parts of the whole movie. It is worth watching once, just to see it for yourself. Enjoy.

The Collection (2012) Trailer

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