Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Stake Land (2010)

Director: Jim Mickle

Stars: Connor Paolo, Nick Damici, Kelly McGillis

Martin was a normal teenage boy before the country collapsed in an empty pit of economic and political disaster. A vampire epidemic has swept across what is left of the nation's abandoned towns and cities, and it's up to Mister, a death dealing, rogue vampire hunter, to get Martin safely north to Canada, the continent's New Eden.

This is basically a night road movie with vampires. There are some parts that play out that it could have been missing sections of the movie Near Dark. It's a dirty vampire hunter movie, and I do not mean filled with nudity. I mean the people are physically dirty. They all need a bath.

I hate to say it, but this movie is not a good vampire or vampire hunter movie. It watches like a mixture of the Walking Dead cast with vampires thrown in just for the hell of it. The movie is really only exciting when vampires show up. The rest of the movie is just dull conversation that we could all do without.

I just want people to make their own opinion of this movie. I was not that big of a fan of the movie, but I know that there will be a lot of people that will like or love this movie. I was not one of them. It is just my opinion. Enjoy.

Stake Land (2010) Trailer

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