Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Saturday Night at the Baths (1975)

Director: David Buckley

Stars: Robert Aberdeen, Ellen Sheppard, Don Scotti

A musician from Montana finds work and other things at The Continental Baths in New York City, 1974.

This movie would have been a better gay porn. All they would have had to do is add a few sex scenes it. The movie even plays out at times like a gay porn from the 70's. The movie is filled with bad music from the 70's with walking scenes. There is nudity in the movie, male and female. The story is simple and honest. It was a time when a lot of men were become more comfortable with their sexuality. The 70's was about sex, desires and exploration. It would just make since that there were movies about that in the theaters.

In the 70's, gay movies were only shown in mainly in large cities that already had a gay population.  These movies were really hard to come by to see for yourself. They should have shown these movie in bathhouses or adult theaters. That was the audience that this movie needed.

This movie is about a man slowing coming to terms with his sexuality in New York City when he takes a job playing piano in a bath house. He ends up being way too feeling with a coworkers, and his lady friend is okay with all of it. She is really stupid.

This would be a good movie to how it was to be a gay male in the 70's in a big city, but for movie entertainment it is not that good now days. If you are studying or researching gay film, then you should really watch it. Enjoy.

Saturday Night at the Baths (1975) Full Movie

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