Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Red Ribbons (1994)

Director: Neil Ira Needleman

Stars: Robert Parker, Georgina Spelvin, Princess Sandlin, Quentin Crisp

When Frank David Niles, the creative force behind the controversial theater group "In Your Face" dies, his colleagues, collaborators and former lovers gather in an impromtu memorial service.

Now for the time, this movie was needed to help people see what happens at some memorial services during the AIDS crisis. This was the story of one man bring together his deceased partners family and friends to talk about their feelings and Niles. A room filled with people telling stories about him remembering the good times. I know that sounds like a great movie. Well, it was not at all. I get the reason and the concept of the movie, but it just did not watch well at all.

I know this was beyond an indie movie with a very small budget. Even though it is an indie movie, they could have at least made this movie better and more interesting. The conversations were not that even that interesting. At times the dialogue seemed preachy. I know it was a time to try to inform people about AIDS. This was just a bad way to do it. You are only going to reach a gay audience with movies like this. Gay men by this time, they already knew about AIDS.

This was just a movie that I say skip it. It was just not worth it to me to watch. This is just my opinion. I know that when this movie was released it was important, but the movie just does not hold up to today's movies. I watched it, so you don't have to.
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