Saturday, June 24, 2017

Between Something & Nothing (2008)

Director: Todd Verow

Stars: Tim Swain, Gil Bar-Sela, Amy Dellagiarino

Joe arrives at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design and immediately befriends like-minded Jennifer. Together they tackle seemingly endless and outlandish art assignments while also exploring the music and drugs of the local scene. Alone, however, the outwardly innocent Joe secretly pursues local hustler Ramon, finding liberation and inspiration for his artwork while exploring his darker side. It seems that nothing better than hot sex and working the streets for money brings out the true artist in Joe.

This is one of the bad gay indie movies. I was hoping that this would be at least interesting, but the whole movie was really nothing more than a mess. There was not much of a story at all. The main character Joe mainly just hung out and hooked up with a hustle then he later hustled himself. He did a lot of drugs and parting with his female roommate where would steal stuff from people at bars. There is no journey or coming of age going on in the movie. It is just a gay guy feeling free in college and making as many mistake as he can. He is just figuring life out the best that he can.

The really only good part of this movie is Tim Swain. He is a good looking actor, but that is about as far as it goes. He is about as good at acting as the rest of the cast, and that is not saying much at all. He is just blessed with a handsome face and body.

This is one of those movies that needs to be skipped. It is not worth watching at all. I was just hoping for something better, and I got nothing at all. I watched this, so you don't have to.

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