Saturday, May 20, 2017

Creep (2014)

Director: Patrick Brice

Stars: Patrick Brice, Mark Duplass

When a videographer answers an advert of the website Craigslist for a one-day job in a remote mountain town to video the last messages of a dying man. The job takes a strange turn when the last messages get darker and darker. The videographer continues to see the job through, but when it is time to leave he is unable to find his keys, and when he receives a strange phone call he finds his client is not at all what he initially seemed to be.

I had no opinion at all on this movie going into it. The title was misleading a bit. I mean, this man is "creepy". There is no doubt in that at all. When he puts on that werewolf mask, and he jumps out at the guy in the woods. That is just not cool at all. The videographer was an idiot. He accepted a job off of Craig's list, and he did not tell anyone that he was going to a cabin to meet someone that he has never met before. That is just a dumb move right there.

The movie is not that great. The story is interesting, but the speed of the movie was slow and dull too many times, but the movie is not that long. The movie is only a bit over an hour long, so there is not too long just to watch once. The ending is worth waiting to the end.

This movie was okay. It was not great at all. It is a decent watch, and that is all. Like I said, the story is there, but the movie fell a bit flat. this movie will destroy the idea of  accepted a job off of Craig's list. Watch it, and see what you think of it for yourself. Enjoy.

Creep (2014) Trailer

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