Friday, April 21, 2017

Watch Out (2008)

Director: Steve Balderson

Stars: Matt Riddlehoover, Amy Kelly, Peter Stickles

Jonathan Barrows is a narcissistic man sexually fascinated with his own body, and he finds himself heading down a path of disturbed behavior.

That is what this movie is really about. I am so not kidding. Jonathan Barrows is completely in love with himself. His own body image is the only thing or person that sexually turns him on. He had sex with a blow up sex doll that has a picture of his own face. He does not claim to be gay or straight. He is just in love with his own face and body. A woman does try to pick him up in a bar, but he just looks at her and makes fun of her to her face. That scene was a bit funny. Too bad that was all of it.

This movie was not funny or really dramatic in any way. The movie was just dull and boring. The scene where he was having sex with the blow up doll was the most interesting part of the whole movie. It was not even the fact that you get to see him have sex with this doll. It is the fact that his own face is taped to the doll. It just makes for an odd scene.

You do get to see this man naked in this movie, but not only do you get to see him naked. You get to see this man with an erection, and you get to see him cum. It looked real enough to me. I was really shocked to see it.

This is not a good movie at all. It is just barely watchable once. The only real reason that I could think to watch this movie is to see this guy hard and cumming in the bathroom. Other than that, I would just stay away from this movie. Save the time and do something else. I watched it, so you don't have to. 
Watch Out (2008) Trailer

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