Monday, April 3, 2017

More Scenes from a Gay Marriage (2014)

Director: Matt Riddlehoover

Stars: Charlie David, Rett Terrell, Matt Riddlehoover, Jared Allman, Thashana McQuiston, Rodiney Santiago

Leigh has made a film about how Darren and Joe met and fell in love. Due to its exaggerated nature, personal complications ensue.

This sequel was almost the same or maybe even a little worse than the first movie. Darren and Joe are now in a relationship with one another and living together. They are both working on moving forward with their life together, until Darren's ex makes a movie about Darren's current relationship with Joe. Joe gets upset about it, and who wouldn't. I mean that is a very personal part of your life that you do not want out it the public. 

So they just tried to part their ways in their relationship. The real problem with the couple was that they did not know what they wanted. They were both just so lost. Darren was just a self centered idiot that had no clue about what he really wanted in life. Just mixed up. Joe is working on making a better life for himself. He was the hot cop now, so there should have not been a complaint at all. The cop uniform made him even hotter, but Darren just felt out of place. Darren needed to get over all of that, and just look at his hot boyfriend.

We have the same cast from the first movie. Charlie David and Rett Terrell play the movie version of Darren and Joe. Matt Riddlehoover and Jared Allman are back as Darren and Joe. Thashana McQuiston is back as Luce. She is just as funny as the first one. She is in this movie a bit more, but she is stuck in a car with Darren listening to him bitch about nothing. Rodiney Santiago entered this movie as the massage therapist that gives happy ending. You know a whore. They only put him in this movie because he is hot with a great body. It is not his talent, because he does not have any. His accent is so thick that you can hardly understand what he is saying. He is only of those men that only has his looks and that is all. The cast is not bad for a low budget indie movie.

There is not much of a story to this movie at all, except a couple trying to hold on to what they got. It is a movie that is worth watching once, but I just do not know about watching this movie over and over. It is not that good, unless you are going through this when you watch it. Enjoy.

More Scenes from a Gay Marriage (2014) Trailer

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