Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Anaconda (1997)

Director: Luis Llosa

Stars: Jon Voight, Jennifer Lopez, Eric Stoltz, Ice Cube, Owen Wilson, Danny Trejo

Filmmaker Terri Flores is traveling deep in the Amazon jungle looking for a forgotten tribe. Terri and her crew, which includes an anthropologist and a cameraman, come across Paul, who is stranded on the riverbank. He offers to help them find the tribe, but his secretive behavior puts everyone on edge. They realize too late that he's using them to find a legendary anaconda that's worth a fortune, if they can catch it.

For one thing, they were crazy as hell for being out there. Why could they just leave forgotten tribes in the rainforest alone. They do not want to be found. They just pick up this strange old man on the river that is hunting for the largest snake alive. If you knew that this man was looking for a gigantic snake, why in the hell would you let him on your boat? You know he is still going to be looking for it. These people were dumb.

Second, I hate snakes, and this movie did not scare me one bit. There is nothing scary about this entire movie, except for the fact that it was made and there were sequels of this movie. That is the scariest part.

The cast for the movie was not that bad. There are some really good actors in this movie. It was not their fault at all that this movie was bad. It just seemed like all of them lost a bet to be in this movie. It does not seem like a type of script that an actor could be easily sold on. People on a boat being tracked down by a gigantic anaconda. It sounds like a Sci-Fi Channel movie. Not a movie that is going to be in theaters. The cast was good for a bad movie. I mean is just the realness of it.

The snake itself look really bad. I know this the early time of CGI in movie, but I think that could have done better by making the snake by hand, instead of dreaming it up on a computer. It just did not look good at all. The death scenes could have even been greater. You have this snake tracking people down, but there is not a really gross scene of a person being slowly eaten by this snake or their remains being hacked back up by the snake. That would have made this movie so much better.

This movie could have been so much better than what they gave us. It is one of these movies that is worth watching once just so you can say that you saw it. That is all. It is not worth watching more than once. Enjoy. 

Anaconda (1997) Trailer

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