Friday, March 17, 2017

Sausage Party (2016)

Directors: Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon

Stars: Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, James Franco, Bill Hader, Salma Hayek, Danny McBride, Edward Norton, Craig Robinson, Paul Rudd

Life is good for all the food items that occupy the shelves at the local supermarket. Frank the sausage, Brenda the hot dog bun, Teresa Taco and Sammy Bagel Jr. can't wait to go home with a happy customer. Soon, their world comes crashing down as poor Frank learns the horrifying truth that he will eventually become a meal. After warning his pals about their similar fate, the panicked perishables devise a plan to escape from their human enemies.

I have to say that this is the best adult cartoon that I have seen to date. I was thinking that this was going to be this cheesy ass movie with all of the same people working on it as in most comedies right now. You that generic not that funny cast that is getting over used and played out. Well, they are all working on this movie doing voice work, so it kind of turned me off from watching this movie. I do not think that these actors are that funny. It is just my opinion. I was wrong.

This movie is absolutely funny. I mean laugh out loud funny at times. This is the dirtiest most filthy cartoon that I have watched. I loved it. The evil part of me wanted a mother to buy a copy of this for their kids on accident thinking it was just a new cartoon that came out. The thought of that happening made me laugh. I mean just the idea of a mother freaking out after hearing what is said in the movie. She should have paid closer attention to what she was buying. The first line in the movie profane. This whole movie was a roller coaster of dirty. It was my kind of movie. It was also filled with sexual dialogue.
I mean the entire movie was not just dick and fart jokes. There was a twisted little story in the movie. The food learns what happens to food when it leaves the grocery store. They each learn their fate. That really made you think about eating food after that. It was a weird little part about living as a human. There was also a story about relationships of all sorts.

The actors that did the voice over work were the same people that are in all of the comedies for the past almost ten years. They got all of them together with some better actors to create these characters. I think they are all mostly played out. They have been used so much, that I think that no one really cares about them except for frat boys and high school boys. I think adults are getting tired of the same old comedic actors that they keep on using. The good part of the movie is that the actors voice work does not distract from enjoying the movie.

Disregard what you have heard about this movie, it is funny as hell. I really did enjoy the movie a lot. I think it is even a movie to watch over and over. It might even need to find its way into your personal movie collection. Enjoy.

Sausage Party (2016) Trailer

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