Monday, March 6, 2017

Pooltime (2010)

Director: Mike Donahue

Stars: Inge Jaklyn, Marcus Harwell, Jeffrey Patrick Olson, Junes Zahdi, GloZell Green

David is well-liked, middle-aged, successful, gay, and lonely but not alone. At his annual weekend pool party, his actions reflect this developing mood as he invites only his three best gay pals - Paulo, Roger and Virgil. As David's thoughts want to head in a particular direction, outsiders keep intruding on his intimate gathering. The one outsider who seems to be taking his sweet time butting in is the pizza boy with their food order.

This is one of the most boring movies that I have seen in a long time. It is filled with nothing but conversations, which is something that I normally like. I like it when the conversations are interesting. This movie was  several gay friends hanging out at a friend's pool talking and snacking. That would usually be the hottest funniest ticket in town, but not at this house. The humor has left this pool party. They are all a bunch of sad middle-aged gay men that still think that they are young and hot, as well as cool and hip. They are not even close to any of that. They are pretentious, empty and borderline lecherous. They just think too much of themselves.

This is what made this a bad boring movie. The characters are not funny, and they all look so generic. Like you just expect to see these people spot by the house unannounced. This is not a movie to go looking for, unless you want a bad time. It is not worth watching at all. I watched, so you don't have to.

Pooltime (2010) Trailer

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