Friday, March 3, 2017

Ms .45 (1981)

Director: Abel Ferrara

Stars: Zoë Lund, Bogey, Albert Sinkys

Thana is a mute garment-district seamstress who is victimized by a number of unspeakable assaults. Transformed by her desire for revenge, she goes on a one-woman homicidal rampage against New York City's entire male population.

This poor woman gets off work and gets raped in an ally way. She gets home from that happening to her, and she gets raped by another man in her apartment. This poor woman is mute, so nobody knows what is happening to her that day. How does one get raped by two different men in different areas on the same day. She must have had her rape hat on. She gets men back though, not the ones that screwed her up, just men in general.

The movie is not bad. The story is brutal. The woman gets raped a couple of times, then she starts to shoot men that get too close. I know there are people out there that wish that they could do this for real.

Zoë Lund did know English, so they made the character mute to work around the language barrier. They made all of the men in the movie to be the sleaziest guys that you could ever meet. They were coming on to women really hard and forceful. It made the movie more interesting to me. I mean this movie could have turned into a porno movie at any point.

People may really like this movie. It is not a bad movie at all. It is more of a group movie to watch and not really pay that much attention to. Enjoy.

Ms .45 (1981) Trailer

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