Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dead 7 (2016)

Director: Danny Roew

Stars: Nick Carter, Carrie Keagan, Joey Fatone, A.J. McLean, Debra Wilson, Howie Dorough, Chris Kirkpatrick, Jon Secada, Dylan Vox, Art Alexakis

In this dystopian Western, a group of cowboys are tasked with what seems like an impossible goal. They need to get rid of the zombie plague that is affecting a small town. Featuring a cast with some of the most recognizable faces of the early 2000s, this is a cowboy film unlike any other. Melding the world of Westerns with the ever popular zombie theme, these characters must triumph over the odds in order to achieve their ultimate goal of stomping out the zombies.

This is a 90s boy band zombie western with an addition to other musicians. Nick Carter created  the story. You would if he thought that he could get enough boy band member together that he could have a hit movie, since most of those guys were extremely popular when they were in boy bands. What was he thinking? The 90s and 2000s were over and so were their careers. I guess the more you have the better it is, not. He even tried to jump on the zombie bandwagon, but this time it will be a western. That does not change a thing. It is still a B-rate zombie movie. There are so many of them now. We do not need any more zombie movies.

This movie was like Tombstone meets a mixture of Mad Max with zombies. It just did not work at all. The story is dull as hell. The sets and the costumes were the best part of the whole movie, and that is really saying something. The acting is bad and really bad. This movie was made for these actors to show people that they are still working and trying to keep their face and image in the media. There are some of them that are doing this, not all. The movie is just bad.

The cast was the most amusing part of the whole movie. When I watched this, I had no idea about the cast. You have some of the guys from In sync and the Backstreet Boys.  One hit wonder, Jon Secada is in this. Do you remember him? The lead singer from Everclear, Art Alexakis, shows up in the movie. Poor Debra Wilson must have needed the movie, because she is funny. Lastly, you have gay porn star Dylan Vox in make the movie more wholesome. Sad isn't it.

This is a movie to not watch at all. There is no reason, unless you lost a best. Just stay away from it. I watched, so you don't have to.

Dead 7 (2016) Trailer

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