Friday, March 17, 2017

Barricade (2012)

Director: Andrew Currie

Stars: Eric McCormack, Jody Thompson, Conner Dwelly, Ryan Grantham

After the death of his wife, a father takes his two small children to a secluded cabin in the mountains to escape and seek solace.  However, when a freak winter storm cuts off all communications to the outside world, horrific events begin to occur.

This movie was like a mid grade Sci-fi Channel movie. It was free of violence and blood and gore. It was a lot of noises in the other room or a shadowy ghostly figure either inside the cabin or outside. That was all there was to the "scary scenes" of the movie. It was just a boring movie. It was just not that interesting at all.

The cast was small. The main name in the movie was Eric McCormack. It is sad that he is only really doing bit parts and B-movies. He will always be Will from Will & Grace. He will never really be able to shack that part. I know that he is glad that the show is coming back this year. He will be working again, doing what he knows best.

This is not a very good movie, but that is just my opinion. It really watches like it is a made for TV movie. It could be shown anywhere. This is one that I say skip it. It just was not worth the time watching it. I watched, so you don't have to.

Barricade (2012) Trailer

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