Monday, February 13, 2017

The Velocity of Gary (1998)

Director: Dan Ireland

Stars: Vincent D'Onofrio, Salma Hayek, Thomas Jane, Chad Lindberg

When bisexual porn star Valentino meets new-in-town hustler Gary, there is an immediate attraction between the two. Valentino helps get Gary a job at a phone-sex company, and they become fast friends and lovers, but tension threatens their relationship when Gary and Valentino's friend Mary becomes involved. When Valentino finds out he is dying of AIDS and Mary is going to have his child, the three must work through hard times together.

When I first watched this movie not long after it came out, I thought it was one of the coolest movies. It was filled with great interesting characters with a great story. I wanted to move to NYC. There were several movies that came out around that time that made me feel this way. I was young. I loved this movie then. Now that I am older and watched the movie, the movie is still good, but it does not that type of grasp on me like it did many years ago.

The character of the movie are more or less interesting. The title of the movie has Gary in it, but it seems like he is a side character through half of the movie. You would think that it would be all about him. I wanted to see and hear more about his clients, and that whole side of his life. Gary having to deal men trying to pick him up on the street. His character just had that sexy street look about him. Valentino was so unsexy that it was shocking. He looked just he would be in a straight porn. He had that long crappy black hair that looked way too oily and greasy. It was nothing you wanted to run your hands through. Seeing Gary and Valentino make out is a bit hot and a bit not at all. It is all Valentino's character that sets it all off. It is the hair. I know that wrong, but to me that is the big turn off of those scenes. Mary was the worst character in the movie. She was always overreacted in too many of the situations. She was so jealous of Gary that she would make out with Valentino in front of Gary just to get a rise out of him. That all was a bit much, but those people really do exist.

The best character in the movie is Kid Joey. What little scenes that he was in, they were very good and more interesting than the rest of the story. I mean it was better to see this young drag queen new in town that dressed in female country western wear from the 50's and 60's. I loved the look. It was something that you would see more in LA instead of New York City.

This was a movie of the late 90's. All you have to do is just watch the movie, and you will know about the year when this movie was made. The clothing in the movie made it obvious the decade the movie came from. This is a good movie for the time. I just wish that it would have held up for me, but dated movies are just dated. This movie is worth watching. Enjoy.

The Velocity of Gary (1998) Trailer

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