Wednesday, February 1, 2017

St. Vincent (2014)

Director: Theodore Melfi

Stars: Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts, Chris O'Dowd, Terrence Howard, Jaeden Lieberher

Maggie, a struggling single woman, moves to Brooklyn with her 12-year-old son, Oliver. Having to work very long hours, she has no choice but to leave Oliver in the care of Vincent, a bawdy misanthrope next door. Vincent takes Oliver along on his trips to the race track, strip club and dive bar, and an unlikely friendship is born. The man is a mentor to the boy in his hedonistic way, and Oliver sees the good in Vincent that no one else can.

This movie is not really a comedy. It is more like a dark dry comedy. There are no laugh scenes or any slap-stick hits or falls. There is mainly some cruel humor in the movie. The two main characters are just mean to one another which makes some of the scenes funny. There are parts of the movie that are a bit sweet and sad. This movie is not what you would expect it to be. I mean just looking at the cast for the movie. You have some great comedic talent here, but this being a more serious movie it is a bit wasted. It does show the versatility of the actors. They can do more than just funny parts of movies. They have the ability to be more serious and nurturing.

The cast for the movie was great. I had not complaints at all. Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy worked well together in the movie. I do not know about in real time, but it all worked for the movie. Anyone could have played Naomi Watts' part as a prego stripper/hooker that was also Russian. That was a bit much in a character. The same with Terrence Howard. They could have saved money and got someone cheaper. It was a really small part. I was glad that Chris O'Dowd was playing the teacher. I just think he is still underrated. He is funny in his own way.

This is not a movie that you will want to watch over and over again. It is worth watching once though. It is a sweet movie. Give it a chance. Enjoy.

St. Vincent (2014) Trailer

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