Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997)

Director: Clint Eastwood

Stars: John Cusack, Kevin Spacey, Jack Thompson, Jude Law, Alison Eastwood, Geoffrey Lewis, Kim Hunter, Lady Chablis

John Kelso travels to Savannah, Ga. to cover the city's Christmas celebration amid a backdrop of eccentric characters. He becomes intrigued by a sultry singer, Mandy, and engrossed by a murder trial. Wealthy society figure Jim Williams is accused of shooting his male lover, and the question is whether it was in self-defense as he claims.

This is a review of the movie and not the book. I will say though, this was a really good adaptation from the movie to the book. It is not perfect, but it is pretty close. The book goes into a lot more detail about the characters.

I was so impressed with this movie and story. You have this real crime story of the murder of a younger man, and the main suspect was his boss and part time lover. You just cannot get a better story than that. It is just so juicy. The best part was the killer was this uppity white closeted millionaire.

You get introduced briefly to most of the characters that are in the book, and see how they are all intertwined with Williams and one another. This is the most interesting part of the whole movie are these different crazy characters that live in Savannah.

The cast for the movie was great. John Cusack made this character come to life. You start to believe that he was just a writer working for a magazine. Kevin Spacey had the accent down flat. He looked like a rich gay man that secretly felt like he could do whatever he wanted, because he had money. It was hard to think of Jack Thompson as anything but a Southern. He had the accent almost perfect. Watching this movie, it is hard to believe that he is from Australia. Jude Law was good in the movie, but it was a bit hard to see him as that character. The voice was off, and he looked too good. He was not the trashy young guy that you would picture playing the part. Alison Eastwood was fine in the movie. I really had no complaints. They could have gotten anyone for that part. Kim Hunter was a nice addition to the movie. You know she played Zhara, right? Lady Chablis played herself in the movie. She was the highlight of the whole movie. I'm sure it was easier to play yourself in a movie, but those were some of the best scenes in the entire movie. They were so funny. Her lines are the ones most remembered from the movie.

Clint Eastwood was perfect at directing this movie. I do not know of a scene that was wrong or messed up in any way. The cinematography mixed with the directing created some great moments in the movie. Wonderful camera work in this movie.

This is a great movie to watch. It is not dirty or filthy with tons of sex in it. It is not one of those movies. If you have not read the book or seen the movie, then you need to do both. They are bother great entertainment. You will not be disappointed at all. Enjoy.
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997) Trailer

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