Thursday, February 16, 2017

Lovebirds (2008)

Director: Ronaldo Bertubin

Stars: Boots Anson-Roa, Tommy Abuel, Joseph Izon, Andrés Alexis

When Mario invites his Internet pen pal all the way from Spain to his home in the Philippines to meet his family, his mother and father assume "Alexis" is a girl. But when Alexis turns out to be a man, it completely changes the family dynamic. While Mario's mother refuses to admit her son is gay, his father's reaction is even more surprising.

This movie was made in the style of comedy movies that were made in the 1940's. I know that there are still a lot of people that like these type of movie, but they are not that popular in the United States. I am not that aware the different styles of movies from the Philippines, so I do not know how their comedies and other movies play out. I am only go on my own personal opinion of this movie.

I thought that this movie was not too bad. At the beginning of the movie, the characters seemed to be trying way too hard to make this movie like a screwball comedy of a family trying to save face. There were parts of this movie that were pretty good, but then you have other scenes from the movie that are so badly acted that it hurt the story.

People were shocked that the character of Mario was gay. The whole movies was about Mario's mother trying to get rid of this Spanish man, Alexis, that came to visit Mario. The whole movie was the same joke one after another. It all got really old. Mario was trying to breaking their families traditions, of sorts. The mother was just too much to deal with, in a bad way. Alexis was good about putting up with all of the stupidity. He said that he only knew a little English, but he spoke it throughout the entire movie.

Mario and Alexis are both terrible characters. They are both way too desperate to be with another man that they will move off together after only knowing one another for a week or so. Mario just wants to get away from his mother, and Alexis is the best way to do that. I think that they are just both using each other. You knew that will not work out at all.

This movie is maybe worth watching once, but it is not worth watching over and over. It has a decent story, but not a new story at all. There is male nudity in it, so there will be people that will watch it just for that. Enjoy.

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