Monday, February 27, 2017

Boy Culture (2006)

Director: Q. Allan Brocka

Stars: Derek Magyar, George Jonson, Patrick Bauchau, Darryl Stephens

After ten years of sex-for-pay, "X," a wildly successful male escort, gets romantically entangled with his two hot roommates and a reclusive elderly client, Gregory. But before Gregory will agree to sex, he tells an unsettling love story spanning fifty years and dares "X" to try something he hasn't felt for years: emotion.

The main character, X, is one of the most emotional blocked person that I have seen in a movie. He knows what he want, but he does not want to admit it to himself. He is a good guy. He just keeps people at arm's reach. No closer. Normally in other movies, a character like this is really mean to everyone. X is just different. He is softer, because he wants to be liked by other people. The three roommates are great together, until sex and love enter in. The real problem with the characters is that most of them do not know how to be really honest with one another. None of them show their true feeling toward one another.

The acting in the movie is pretty good. I mean this is a gay indie movie, so there is not that much to expect. You just never really know. Derek Magyar was the really hot man in the movie. He was right for the part. George Jonson was the more annoying young roommate that was looking for love and a lot of sex. Patrick Bauchau has been in many movies during his career. He almost plays the same role in every movie. His voice seems to never change. Darryl Stephens is a good out gay actor that does not receive the work or the roles that he deserves, because he is an openly gay actor. Being gay still hurts a lot of actors to get bigger roles.

I like this movie, but it is a slow moving movie. The whole movie is conversations and that is it. If you are looking for a movie to watch where there is something going on through the whole movie, then you need to keep looking. It is worth watching once. You just may see yourself in the story as one of the characters. Enjoy.

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