Friday, February 10, 2017

Beware the Slenderman (2016)

Director: Irene Taylor Brodsky

Stars: Morgan Geyser, Anissa Weier, Angie Geyser

Tells the story of two 12-year old girls, who attempted to murder one of their friends in an attempt to appease Slenderman, a fictional monster from a horror website.

This was a great documentary to watch. It is really interesting about one of the most terrible violent cases that you could read about. The production of the movie was great. It was interesting without the information becoming boring or repetitious. The art work and the photographs that are in it are creepy beautiful and incredibly well made. I was really impressed with the art work more than anything else.

These two little girls believe Slenderman is real, and they go kill for him to live in a mansion and to save both of their families. This sounds like something you would read in a book of horror stories. They read the story on a website instead, because that makes a difference. These little girls were really stupid for one thing to believe that it was all real just because they read it on a website. Did their parents tell them not to believe everything that they read? One of the girls was really troubled as in she might need to be locked up, since she shows no emotion at all . She was just blank emotionally. The other girl had severe mental issues that she shared with her Dad. She needed help. Why did the parents see any of it earlier? I guess you do not see what you do not want to know.

The rest of the kids in this documentary that are watching the Slenderman videos and playing the video game online, they are just pathetic. The boys that are playing the video game and one of them start to freak out while playing it. He is weak. The game looked really boring and dull, so I just do not get it. I do not think I would have got it, if I was a kid again. Fake stuff did not really scare me. It was the real things that scared me. These kids should be scared of the creepy old man down the street or the too friendly man at church. Those are the truly scary monsters in the world. Those are the ones that are going to hurt you or kill you. These kids are so stupid.

This documentary was really good to watch. It is just amazing how these kids could believe such nonsense. That is the real puzzling part of the whole documentary. Parents, you need to watch this. You need to know what your children are looking at online. Enjoy.

Beware the Slenderman (2016) Trailer

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