Friday, February 24, 2017

Bad Moms (2016)

Directors: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore

Stars: Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell, Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jay Hernandez

Amy has a seemingly perfect life a great marriage, over-achieving kids, a beautiful home and a career. However, she's overworked, over-committed and exhausted to the point that she's about to snap. Fed up, she joins forces with two other over-stressed moms on a quest to liberate themselves from conventional responsibilities going on a wild, un-mom-like binge of long overdue freedom, fun and self-indulgence that put them on a collision course with PTA Queen Bee Gwendolyn and her clique of devoted perfect moms.

This movie received a lot of bad reviews. They said that it was not worth watching or, the movie was just not funny at all. I will have to disagree with all of that. This was a really funny movie about a somewhat reality for some women. There are women out there that are about to explode, but their husbands do not understand. I have known these women that try to be perfect and the ones that just say screw and do what they want. That is what this movie is really about, those worlds colliding.

I am sure there are tons of women out there that wish that they could live this movie. They would not have to worry about what other mothers and people think about what they are doing. They need to have that freedom. In today world, there is too many people out there that would try to stop women from really being free while taking care of their kids.

The cast for this movie is great. It was a bit hard to believe that Mila Kunis would have kids that age or at all. She just still looks so young, but she was great in the movie. I have seen Kathryn Hahn in other movies, but it took this movie for me to see how funny she is. She was the funniest one in the movie. Normally, Christina Applegate is the funny one in the movie, but in this movie she was the screwed up mean one. It was nice to see her playing different types of roles. The rest of the cast was great. They were all really funny.

This movie is pretty funny. This is a movie that I watch again. I just don't say that about any movie. It is well worth watching, so give this movie a chance. Enjoy.

Bad Moms (2016) Trailer

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