Friday, February 3, 2017

200 American (2003)

Director: Richard LeMay

Stars: Matt Walton, Sean Matic, Anthony Ames

Conrad is a gay man living in NYC. He's also CEO of an ad agency and by nature a control freak. Although Conrad is still in love with Martin, he hires a young Aussie hustler named Tyler, first for a night and then to work for his company. Things get increasingly complicated as Conrad tries to rekindle things with Martin. Meanwhile Tyler falls for Michael his new supervisor.

This movie is basically a gay version of Pretty Woman. Rich businessman hires a hustle and falls for him and helps him out. In this one the hustle falls for his boss as well while the businessman wants his ex boyfriend back. Do you see where I am getting the similarity? They just took the basic story, then they just added to it.

This was a low budget movie. The camera work was worse than watching public access on channel 67. The acting was okay, not the best. Some of the clothes and sets looked like that they came from a bad 80's nighttime drama. The good part about the movie was the character Conard. He was really hot. He was a uppity man's man, good looking and furry. That was the highlight for me. The rest of the character were so dry and empty or too self absorbed. It was a bit of a wreck.

This is not a very good movie. It was dry and dull in too many part of the movie. It just was not really worth sitting through. I watched it, so you don't have to.

200 American (2003) Trailer

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