Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Streetwise (1984)

Director: Martin Bell

Stars: Roberta Joseph Hayes, Baby Gramps, Erin Blackwell

Photojournalist Mary Ellen Mark and director Mark Bell travel the streets of Seattle, where they take a harrowing look at the lives of young members of the city's homeless population. The teenagers they follow come from broken families and have resorted to drug use, crime and prostitution. The two follow the teens as they attempt to survive on the streets and also deal with their complex, dysfunctional home lives and cling to one another to achieve a sense of family.

This was an interesting documentary on homeless youth. It is sad that this is how some kids grow up. You wonder where their parents are at? Why are they not taking care of their own children? D they not care for them? The sad part is that most people do not care about kids like this. Churches are about the only places where kids like this can go for help, but most are afraid to go to jail or reform school.

This is what happens to children, if the parents are not taking care of the kids or themselves. That is the reason many of these kids are selling their bodies and eating from dumpsters. It is a shame that this still goes on in this country.

If you are interested in the subject, then you may not enjoy it. This movie is just filled with interviews, and that is it. There is not any action or "scenes" that you will miss by not watching it. I just found it neat. Enjoy.

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