Friday, January 20, 2017

Parting Glances (1986)

Director: Bill Sherwood

Stars: John Bolger, Richard Ganoung, Steve Buscemi, Kathy Kinney

As Robert, a successful young gay man, prepares to leave New York City for an extended work assignment abroad, his boyfriend, Michael, must contend with his imminent absence and its effect on their relationship. Meanwhile, Michael also cares for his ex-lover, Nick, who is struggling with HIV. At a going-away party for Robert, emotions run high as the men and their friends deal with their changing realities.

For the day, this was one of the ground breaking indie movie that spoke of relationships and AIDS. This was a movie from the gay indie films of the 90's. These movies went nowhere. They were only released in major cities with larger gay populations. Everywhere else, people had to wait and hope that their local video rental store would get a copy.

Is this a great movie? Not really. It is a good gay movie for the day. In today standards, this movie is extremely outdated and dated. Young gay people will not understand the impact of this movie, and what it had on the gay community. This movie was effective at one time, but the sad part of it is that now days the movie has almost no effect.

The script for the movie was mostly heavy dialogue and arguing. It is not the best. It was a small movie though. The cast was not bad at all. Mostly it was actors that plays gay characters. Steve Buscemi was early in his career. We just getting a taste of what he had to offer to movies.

This is a movie you may want to check out. It is a lot like so many other gay movies that came out around that time. It is worth watching just to see how gay theme movies were like during this golden age of 90's indie movies. Enjoy.

Parting Glances (1986) Trailer

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