Friday, January 13, 2017

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016)

Director: Kirk Jones

Stars: Nia Vardalos, John Corbett, Michael Constantine, Lainie Kazan, Andrea Martin, Joey Fatone, Alex Wolff

Parenting and marriage is becoming tougher and tougher for Toula and her husband Ian. Not only has their relationship lost some of its spark, but they're also dealing with a rebellious teenage daughter who clashes with Greek traditions. On top of that, Toula must contend with aging parents and the endless needs of cousins and friends. When a shocking family secret comes to light, the entire Portokalos clan makes plans to come together for an even bigger wedding than before.

We have been brought back for another wedding with the Portokalos family, but this time it's Toula's parents that are tying the knot. We get to see the whole family again. This movie is loaded with a lot of the same jokes, and the movie is set up close to the same way the first one was.

The cast came back for the sequel, so you do not have to worry about not recognizing anyone in the movie. You learn a bit more about the characters. It has been 14 years since the first movie, the characters have aged and had children of their own. It made the movie seem more like a family movie than ever. All of this just made the story richer. The movie felt like a "hello" from Nia Vardalos. She was bring her fans another story from this family that she has created.

The main difference of the movie was Lainie Kazan. What in the hell did she do to herself? She looks like the Joker. That mouth and smile is just stretched out way too much. It was so distracting for the movie. I just looked at that mouth every time she was on the screen. It was a big mistake for her.

I still really did like this movie. The movie was not disappointing at all. I still really did like the dialogue, and I think that this one is still a good family movie. If you have not seen this movie, then you may want to give it a try. You may really like it. You just need to watch it with an open mind. Enjoy.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016) Trailer

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