Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Frogs (1972)

Director: George McCowan

Stars: Ray Milland, Sam Elliott, Joan Van Ark

Unsurprisingly, grumpy Southern chemical baron Jason Crockett is not terribly concerned with the environment. When Pickett Smith, a wildlife photographer in the area, stumbles upon the snake bitten corpse of Crockett's gardener, who was sent out to spray pesticide, he knows something is amiss. Smith attempts to warn Crockett and his family to postpone their Fourth of July celebrations as local animals begin behaving strangely, but Crockett stubbornly refuses.

This is not a great movie by any means. It is nothing but a watered down B-movie that still has a large following. This is a bad movie, but it is one of those movies that you may watch this movie every time that you see it on. It is one of those good bad movies.

There are no horror scenes in this whole movie. Not a one. It is the most tame and neutered horror movie that you will ever watch. You do not even see frogs attacking people at all. It is not just frogs that are killing people. It is every type of swamp animal that is near the plantation and the property that start to "attack" the family. Again, there was no scene of horror.

The best part of the movie was the cast. A young Joan Van Ark was in the lead female role of the movie. She looked great in those days. The best in the movie was Sam Elliott. He was still in the early years of his career. He was young built and shirtless several times in this movie. It was the best part of the movie. Isn't that sad. If you are not into real men, then you will not care about seeing him in this movie.

This is a good bad movie. It may not be for everyone, but it is worth watching at least once. It is worth that much. Enjoy.

Frogs (1972) Trailer
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