Monday, January 23, 2017

Broadway Damage (1997)

Director: Victor Mignatti

Stars: Mara Hobel, Michael Lucas, Hugh Panaro

Three ambitious college graduates search for love in the gay community and success in New York City. Robert is secretly smitten with his best friend, Marc, an aspiring actor. Robert's straight, shopaholic buddy, Cynthia, urges him to reveal his feelings for Marc. But as it happens, Marc has a crush of his own. Meanwhile, Cynthia runs into money problems.

This movie was one of the many romantic gay love stories that was coming out in the 90's. Before the 90's, these type of movies did not exist at all. Gay men were only in movies to laugh with or at. The 90's launched the indie movie movement, then tons of gay movie started to hit the screens. Gay love stories start being shown on the silver screen. The gay community started letting the rest of the world have the same wants, needs and desires.

This movie was just like so many other gay love movies made at that time. One person does not see that the one for them is right in front of their face the whole time, but they rather look at the prettier soulless person that catches everyone's eye. I call that person the secret whore, cause everybody has had them.

The characters for this movie were pretty good. Robert and Marc are pretty generic gay guys. Those type of characters have been in lots of movies. David is that hot sexy guy that you do not realize until it is too late that he is nothing but a sleazy loser that will take whatever you have. There are just too many of those guys in the world. The best in the movie was Cynthia. She is that sad delusional girl that you have no problem being friends with because she is so much fun to hang out with. The best part is the actress that played Cynthia is Mara Hobel. She played little Christina Crawford in Mommy Dearest. I know how amazing that fact really is.

This is a decent movie to sit down to watch, and remember the time when movies were better. You know, before equal rights and all of that fun stuff. Enjoy. 

Broadway Damage (1997) Trailer

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