Monday, January 30, 2017

Blood Feast (1963)

Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis

Stars: William Kerwin, Mal Arnold, Connie Mason

Fuad Ramses is hired by Mrs. Fremont to cater a party for her daughter Suzette. Fuad suggests an authentic Egyptian feast. A meal that has not been served for over five thousand years. Once the arrangements for the feast are made, Fuad starts killing off beautiful young girls one by one and harvesting various body parts from them in order to prepare the ancient feast of Ishtar. His plan is to serve this grisly feast at made of human flesh, at which time he will make Suzette the final sacrifice to his goddess Ishtar. Once the final sacrifice is made, Ishtar will be able to rise again.

This movie was made early in the director's career. The movie pushed many different boundaries dealing with subject matter and content. There was nudity in this movie. This is 1963. You do not put nudity in a movie, but he did. That one small scene helped make this movie a hit. Back in those days, you could not watch a movie and see a bare breast, at all. The other factor of the movie was the act of cannibalism. That was still consider a bit of a taboo subject. It was becoming more popular in the horror movies, but it was all natives in tribes from other countries. It was never people in this country or other civilized nations. The main reason why people went to see this movie and the reason why it is still watched today is the blood and gore that is all over the movie.

The special effects for this movie were pretty cheap and simple, but it was the effect that it all had on the audience was the true pay off. This movie started the genre of gore movies. Movies that were bathed and splashed in tins of fake blood with body parts just placed where ever. This is what made the movie. It was not a movie about a great script or story. It was not the actors names that drew people to see it. It was blood and death.

I really do like this movie. I am a huge horror and gore fan, so it would be something that would appeal to me. It is worth watching at least once. I think that true horror fans need to add this movie to their collection. Enjoy.

Blood Feast (1963) Trailer

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