Thursday, January 26, 2017

Alien (1979)

Director: Ridley Scott

Stars: Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, John Hurt, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton, Ian Holm, Yaphet Kotto

In deep space, the crew of the commercial ship Nostromo, comprised of five men and two women, is awakened from their cryo-sleep capsules, halfway through their journey home to investigate a distress call from an alien vessel. The tale unfolds as they further look into the S.O.S. distress call from that battered commercial space vessel, only to discover that it's a warning call, rather than a call for help. However, it is too late to turn back as three members of the crew have already left to investigate the derelict ship. Far away in space and time, all five encounter an awesome galactic horror, that begins to kill the crew members one by one.

This was the movie that change sci-fi movie forever. Ridley Scott nailed it. He had just made one of the scariest alien sci-fi movie to date. I do not know if he knew what he had created. I mean it was a movie to chance movies.

The story was not that original. I mean just an alien gets onto another ship to take it over and kill the crew. How many times has this story been made? It was Scott and his crew were the ones that took this story, and they made it something really new for the late 70's. This was the start of one of the best sci-fi movies series that is still continuing to this day.

The cast was the best part of the movie. Every single member of the cast was either starting or in the middle of a great career. I mean just look at the cast and what they have been in after this movie. Sigourney Weaver was great in this movie, but she was not that well known yet. Tom Skerritt ended up in some great horror movie and dramas. He is one of the best actors in a drama. John Hurt kept on being in movies raising the bar for odd characters that he was the best man to play. I'll stop with Veronica Cartwright, because I love all that she has done. She is a great actress. She was a child actress, and she was in other sci-fi movie before this one. Th rest of the actors are great and they are all still working in great movies.

What really set this movie apart from all other sci-fi movies and other movies period, was the sets and the look and creation of the alien itself. The French artists H.R. Giger was the mastermind that create the look for the sets and the creation for the look of the alien. This is what really made the movie a real success. There had not been anything like this created for any movie. The look of the alien worked well with the look of the ship's interior walls and panels, so that the aliens would be able to easily hide from invaders. It was all brilliant.

If you have never seen this movie, then I have no idea what is wrong with you. This a great movie period. Whether you like sci-fi movie or not, you will like this movie. This is a movie collections that needs to be added to any movie lover's collection. Enjoy.

Alien (1979) Trailer

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