Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Twilight Dancers (2006)

Director: Mel Chionglo

Stars: Tyron Perez, Cherry Pie Picache, Allen Dizon

A young man looking to make an honest dollar finds himself becoming a lust object for both men and women in this "macho dancer" melodrama from the Philippines. Dwight is a handsome man in his early twenties who, needing cash to help support his family, takes a job dancing in a gay bar, where he shakes his moneymaker with a bevy of other good-looking guys. While Dwight is dating a neighborhood girl who goes to college, he soon falls under the spell of Madame Loca, a wealthy and middle-aged businesswoman with a taste for younger men. Bert, Madame Loca's driver, was once a dancer who became her lover and tries to warn Dwight about her scheming ways, to no avail. Meanwhile, Alfred is a dancer who at 28 is getting too old to face the competition, so he's looking for a "real" job to provide for his wife and kids, but he's still reluctant to give up the spotlight, and his on-again, off-again relationship with Dwight only intensifies his feelings of anger and helplessness.

This movie seemed to be all over the place at times. I understand that the movie was translated and English subtitles place in the movie. That could have been a bit of a lose in the story. Alfred and Dwight were lovers in the movie, but it did not say it in the movie. It only hinted at the fact. They really needed to flat out say it in the movie. It was a bit unclear.

The actors performances were great and well done. The camera work and the directing was well made and created. It was the story and the script. That was the real problem with this movie. All of the rest of the movie was fine, but that story was just too much. The movie and story was just jumpy for me.

The main appeal to this movie is for any men that are into younger Asian men. They are many in this movie that are barely dressed. Many scenes of these guys dancing in thongs and nothing else. Dancing badly, I should say. They were really bad dancers, but that may be what is more popular in the Philippines. I do not know. For those men that are into Asians, then you need to watch till the end for a very nice surprise.

This movie was watchable once, and that was it. It was just all over the place it seemed. I just was not that impressed with the movie. It was a bit boring at times, so it made the movie harder to watch and pay attention to. Watch this one, if you must. Enjoy.

Twilight Dancers (2006) Trailer

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