Friday, December 16, 2016

Smokey and the Bandit (1977)

Director: Hal Needham

Stars: Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jerry Reed, Mike Henry, Paul Williams, Jackie Gleason

Big Enos wants to drink Coors at a truck show, but in 1977 it was illegal to sell Coors east of the Mississippi River without a permit. Truck driver Bo "Bandit" Darville agrees to pick up the beer in Texas and drive it to Georgia within 28 hours. When Bo picks up hitchhiker Carrie, he attracts the attention of Sheriff Buford T. Justice. Angry that Carrie will not marry his son, Justice embarks on a high-speed chase after Bandit.

This was the late 70's, and movies like this were the cool movies to go and see. Movies were all about driving, racing and truckers. There were nothing like this era ever since. It was only in the 70's were these topics were that popular.

This is one of Burt Reynolds best and well known movies. He will always be known as Bandit. He was the biggest sex symbol during this time period. Women loved him, so that point made this movie a hit.

The rest of the cast in the movie were great. You have Jerry Reed as the trucker running alongside Bandit. This movie put Reed on top. Sally Field was still early in her career. The best in the movie was Jackie Gleason. He was and is always the best. He is a comic legend that never let it down. He was the true star of this movie.

This is a great movie from back in the day. They use to show it on cable, but now I think it is now becoming a lost movie. Enjoy.

Smokey and the Bandit (1977) Trailer

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