Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Shank (2010)

Directors: Simon Pearce, Christian Martin

Stars: Wayne Virgo, Marc Laurent, Tom Bott

Teenage gang member Cal hides his sexuality from his fellow happy slapping gang members' often futile and violent dislike of anyone who isn't the same as them, be they unsuspecting shoppers, foreign students, gays, etc. Hooking up with a random stranger, Cal is unaware that this chance meeting will eventually provide him with choices and routes of escape from the tedium of his unambitious and depraved life. When his world collides with Olivier, a French student he rescues from a pointless beating, he encounters a lifestyle that presents as many new experiences as it does obstacles.

This is what happen when you cannot be honest about who you are and what you like. You end up in the closet running around with people that would not expect you for your sexuality. You end up in a lot of trouble and acting like a dick. We all know those people. There are more of these people out in the world than you think.

The character of Cal was a mess. He was a good kid that was more worried about what others thought of him. Cal just needed to come to terms with his sexuality, and the fact that he was in love with his best mate. He was just using Olivier for money and sex.  Those other friends were nothing but stupid punks that deserved all the bad that they received in life. The girls were the worst of them. They all just treated gay people really bad. They were terrible characters.

The story for this movie was not bad at all. It really did have some promise to it, but what I think hurt the movie was the camera work. It was just too shaky for my taste. It made it more difficult to concentrate on the characters and the dialogue. The fact that Olivier was the only decent character in the whole movie was something else all together. All of the rest of them were crappy people. None of them were faithful to anyone. It was if they were all just too selfish.

This is a movie worth seeing. It is good. You just are not too sympathetic to the characters. You may understand what they are going through, but they are just going about all of the wrong way. Enjoy.

Shank (2010) Trailer

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