Thursday, December 15, 2016

Getting Go, the Go Doc Project (2013)

Director: Cory Krueckeberg

Stars: Tanner Cohen, Matthew Camp, Ramon O. Torres

College boy "Doc" is obsessed with a well-known NYC go-go dancer, nicknamed "Go." He befriends his hunky crush under the ruse of shooting a movie about what it's like to live in his skin. He follows his subject across the city into bars, onto rooftops, over dance floors and, ultimately, into his bedroom, but as they grow closer, flirtation blurs the line between subject and filmmaker until a steamy night together solidifies deeper feelings.

The character of Doc is a messed up loner obsessed with a go-go boy that her saw in a bar. He cannot really deal with people one on one on a healthy level. He could not even be honest and just go up to this guy and talk to him. He had to lie to him just to get a conversation going to be about to meet him. He is not an honest person. He has to hide behind a fake persona to make himself seem more interesting to a guy that is a lot hotter than he is. This young man has some deep emotional issues with no self confidence. Why does he think that the perfect image of a man is the stereotypical gay form of a man with muscles and all tatted up? He is more worried how he looks than who he is.

Go is the typical sweet gym bunny go-go boy that is there to please. Here comes a cute young man that wants to make a documentary about his daily life. He is going to jump at that kind of attention. He gets a whole film about him, and that is the best part of the praise. He just does not know that it is mostly all a lie. Go is just that gullible to believe it all.

These two characters are pretty much badly damaged on their own, but when you bring two people like this together it will get worse in time. They do have lots of great sex during this time, and I think that is all that Doc wanted out of him. I do not think that they thought feeling were going to get involved between them.

This movie was just kind of there for me. You know what I mean. It was not good or bad, just there. Of course the look of both guys was great that just was not enough to carry the movie pass that. This is a movie to watch once, but I do not see watching it multiple times. Enjoy.

Getting Go, the Go Doc Project (2013) Trailer

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