Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Flight of the Cardinal (2010)

Director: Robert Gaston

Stars: Ross Beschler, David J. Bonner, Claire Bowerman, Matthew Montgomery

Grady is a recent city transplant whom is fixing up his recently acquired lakeside resort lodge, hidden away in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. With only local boy Beetle to assist, he inaugurates his hotel by inviting a group of college friends and his recently aloof boyfriend Andy for the weekend. Instead of a fun weekend, troubling events, strange behavior and an increasing sense of doom begin to trouble the already emotionally vulnerable Grady. He gets dumped, questions his friends' reasons for being there and becomes wary of the outwardly jovial but potentially threatening Beetle. When a storm prevents the group from leaving the hotel, the pervading sense of doom intensifies.

Most people think that people that live in small Southern towns are all sweet and honest, helpful and you can trust them. This movie proves some of that logic wrong. I know all about it. When people are too nice and helpful, then you need to be on guard, because something is up with them.

The character, Beetle, was that sweet, cute and helpful young man that was looking to help Grady with anything that he needed. He was willing to help Grady's friends as well, but he did not have sex with them. I thought that was going to happen. They never did even discuss whether Beetle was gay or straight. He was hitting on both just to make his own life better. This character just sucked. The rest of the characters were not that bad for an indie gay movie.

The cast was decent. Matthew Montgomery was playing a role that he has so many times in almost every movie that he is in. David J. Bonner was not bad as Beetle. I was surprised that he was completely full frontal nude in the movie. That is something that you never see in a movie. The rest of the cast was good, but they were not great.

This is a movie worth seeing once, but it is not going to make you emotional or change your life in any way. There is no real sex in this movie at all, but there is male nudity, if that does it for you. Enjoy.

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