Friday, December 23, 2016

Edward II (1991)

Director: Derek Jarman

Stars: Steven Waddington, Kevin Collins, Andrew Tiernan, Tilda Swinton, Annie Lennox

A biography, based on the Christopher Marlowe play, of Britain's only acknowledged gay monarch (1307-1327), whose preference for his male lover over his queen created conflict with his barons and eventually led to civil war.

First of all, I am not a fan of mixing two completely different time periods to create a movie. It can be a bit distracting to the viewer. I know it is to me.

The sets to this movie were dull and boring. There were mostly just blank dirty walls with nothing on them. There was only one or two pieces of furniture per set. There was nothing for the eye to look at. I know that was the reason to keep all of the set almost empty was to place all of the attention on the actors and their lines. It back fired though, since you really do notice the lack of a set and wonder why it is like that.

The mix of more modern items included in the movie placed with Old English dialogue is so bad that it makes me crazy. I know that they have done this in several movies, but they need to stop doing this to movies. It just does not work like they think it will.

The cast was great for the movie. Tilda Swinton is the one whom really stood out in this movie. She looked stunning in every scene. The best surprise in the movie was Annie Lennox singing in the movie. She is a beautiful woman with an amazing voice to match it. The rest of the cast was pretty solid.

This is just one of those movies that I really have mixed feelings about. I do not love it or hate it. It is just there. It was the multiple factors that I mentioned that turned me off of the movie. Enjoy.

Edward II (1991) Trailer

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