Monday, November 28, 2016

The Walking Deceased (2015)

Director: Scott Dow

Stars: Tim Ogletree, Joey Oglesby, Troy Ogletree, Dave Sheridan

The Walking Deceased is a delightfully bloody addition to the pantheon of zombie-apocalypse spoofs, lampooning every tried and true zombie meme. Join the Sheriff with his son, and a motley crew of survivors as they weather confrontations with zombies, meet up and then leave their tattered camp, a partially destroyed shopping mall. The group journeys to the supposed Safe Haven Rand seeking shelter from the owners, a fascinating and diabolical older couple. Along for the ride with the still-human survivors is a lone zombie who begins to see and develop his human side when he looks up with the brash female leader. The unexpected twists and turns and will delight those who enjoy over-the-top blood spattering while horror movie buffs will appreciate the George Romeroesque touches.

I was expecting this to nothing more than a B-movie cheap shot at a parody at a hit television series. This was so much better than that. I am one of the few people that does not watch The Walking Dead, and I could even tell what and who was making fun of which character. I could still know what was going on in the movie against the TV show. The addition to this movie was adding the main zombie character from Warm Bodies. That was not that good of a movie at all. I thought it was just terrible, so they could have just left this part out of the movie altogether. Leaving the character out of this movie would not have changed much in this movie at all. The character was not necessary to complete the story.

The gore and blood was kept to a low level. They did not spray blood and guts all over the place to make it more gory just to do it. There was still some in there, but it was not over done at all.

The characters were pretty close to the characters that were being parodied against. If you know the show better than I do, then you would be better at picking apart this movie better than I.

I think that this was still a pretty good movie to watch. It is not the best, but it is not the worst. It is worth watching once. Enjoy.

The Walking Deceased (2015) Trailer

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