Monday, November 14, 2016

The Ones Below (2015)

Director: David Farr

Stars: Clémence Poésy, David Morrissey, Stephen Campbell Moore, Laura Birn

A couple expecting their first child discover an unnerving difference between themselves and the couple living in the flat below them who are also having a baby.

This is another LimeTime horror movie, there was not that one nude scene. There is nothing scary about this movie at all. It is rather dull to be honest. You can predict almost every single thing that is going to happen in the movie. It was just that bad.

The acting by the cast was not bad at all. They all did a good job. The sets were even great. These apartments are really nice and a bit fancy. This is the best parts of the whole movie. It was the script that was so bad. The story has been done way too many times, and it has been done better.

This movie was not worth watching at all. It is one of the worst movies that I have seen. It was just boring and pointless. I watched it, so you don't have to. 

The Ones Below (2015)

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