Monday, November 7, 2016

Sugar (2004)

Director: John Palmer

Stars: Andre Noble, Marnie McPhail, Haylee Wanstall

A provocative and challenging coming-of-age story between Cliff, a restless suburban teen, and Butch, a street hustler, on the eve of his 18th birthday. Butch challenges Cliff's sheltered upbringing by exposing him to a different world that changes Cliff forever.

He instantly falls in love with a street hustle that he just met. What kid is this stupid, but he is just 18yo, that makes a big difference. He has no idea that is what you do not do. Hustles will tell you what you want to here, if you are willing to party with them. This innocence young guy that does not know much about anything ends up hanging out with a hustle and starts doing drugs with him. He was a somewhat good boy then in a few days ends up on the wrong side of it all.

This was a short story by Bruce La Bruce. That should say a lot right there. Most of his stuff is a lot of cheap sex, drug problems and more sex. You can see why there is not a whole lot going on in this movie, except for parting and empty sex. These character are young and lost. That is what makes this movie a little bit different from the other movies in the same genre.

Here is the worst part of the movie, it is not that good. It is okay to watch once, but it is not worth watching again. It is not a rewatcher, unless you are worse than these characters are hoping to be that good in life. That is sad, if it is true. This movie is only worth it once. Enjoy. 

Sugar (2004) Trailer

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