Monday, November 21, 2016

Scenes from a Gay Marriage (2012)

Director: Matt Riddlehoover

Stars: Matt Riddlehoover, Carson Nicely, Cliff Burr, Jared Allman, Thashana McQuiston

A recently single man finds solace in his upstairs neighbors' seemingly perfect relationship - until he suspects one of them is cheating.

First, this movie says that it was filmed in Nashville. That is so wrong. It was filmed in Murfreesboro, which is east of Nashville. I know the area very well. There were shots of the square, and it was nice to see those stores and the courthouse there.

Second, the story was barely there. I mean where in the hell was the rest of it. A newly single man becomes obsessed with his neighbors relationship over what is going on with his life. The main character is nothing but a loser. Hr sucked. Move in with someone across the country after chatting for 4 days online. Most of the rest of the characters were almost just as bad. Luce was the best character in the whole movie. I really did like her a lot. She seemed like an interesting person to hang out with.

The cast for the movie was not bad. For a gay movie, the acting was not that bad at all. It was nice that most of the actors were at least manly and furry and not full of tweeked out little twinks. That is getting so old to see in gay movies. I really hate that.

For an indie gay movie, this is not too bad of a movie. It is not the most exciting movie with the most interesting story and plot, but it is worth watching at least once. Enjoy.

Scenes from a Gay Marriage (2012) Trailer

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