Friday, November 11, 2016

Nate & Margaret (2012)

Director: Nathan Adloff

Stars: Natalie West, Tyler Ross, Conor McCahill

Nate is nineteen. Margaret is fifty-two. Their odd, quirky, totally working friendship gets rattled when Nate gets his first boyfriend, who drives him away from Margaret as she tries to pursue a life as a stand-up comedian.

This was an awkward kind of lonely movie. These two character do not really have anyone else in their life to be around. They are each other's best friend without really having any other friends. It is a bit sad. Nate is really young, gay an really odd. None of these are bad qualities, but in modern day society, they are not good characteristics at all for a young man. Poor Margaret is the saddest part of the movie. She is over 50 and her only friend is a 19 year old gay man. Hello, who would not want to off themselves just off that alone. To make matters worse, she is beyond awkward and weird. Even at her age, she would still not get along with other people her age. I believe she is everybody's biggest fear. How would want their life to turn out that way. It is a really scary thought.

This was not either a great movie or a bad movie. If you really got into the movie, then you my get into deep in the emotions that might come up inside you. It is emotional. It depend on how you look at this movie, if you like it or not. Enjoy.

Nate & Margaret (2012) Trailer

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