Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lust in the Dust (1985)

Director: Paul Bartel

Stars: Tab Hunter, Divine, Lainie Kazan, Cesar Romero, Nedra Volz, Courtney Gains

Dancehall "girl" Rosie Velez, lost in the desert, is helped to safety by gunman Abel Wood. In the town of Chili Verde, at the saloon of Marguerita Ventura, a word of a treasure in gold brings Abel into conflict with outlaw Hard Case Williams and his gang.

One of the best cult movies that has been made. I do not think that there was anything wrong with this movie. The movie is technically a western, but the content of this movie has nothing to do with a western, except for people looking for gold. That is really it. This movie is mainly a bit of a dirty comedy.

The cast was brilliant. It is such a wonderful cast of talent. Tab Hunter was once a teenage heartthrob back in the day. He was great as this stranger coming into town all quiet and mysterious. It was the biggest treat to see Nedra Volz in this movie playing a prostitute. There is no other person that is so far from being able to play that part. She was one of the housekeepers on Different Strokes. She was the sweetest ladies.

Divine and Lainie Kazan playing long lost sisters was hilarious. They could almost be sisters. That was the strangest part of the movie. Lainie Kazan was great as always. I love her in movies. She always lands her role. Divine is the star of the movie. There is no one that outshines Divine. He was the best in the movie hands down. He only got this movie as being that character instead of just playing himself as a man. He was standing to branch out beyond the Water's movies. This was the start of it.

This is a great movie. This is a movie to watch over and over again. I saw this movie on a cable channel not long after it was released. I have loved it ever since I first watched it. If you have not seen this movie, then you really need to. This is a funny movie. Enjoy.

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