Saturday, November 12, 2016

Crash (1996)

Director: David Cronenberg

Stars: James Spader, Holly Hunter, Elias Koteas, Rosanna Arquette

Crash is about the strange lure of the auto collision, provoking as it does the human fascination with death and the tendency to eroticize danger. Most motorists will slow down to stare at the scene of a collision; they may feel their pulses quickening and become aware of the fragility of their own bodies. The characters of "Crash" carry this awareness a step further, cherishing and nurturing it. For them, a car collision is a sexual turn-on, and a jolting life force they come to crave.

What a strange movie. It is a good movie, but the idea of people getting their rocks off on watching car crashes or being in one. That is just a strange story, but it also makes for a really interesting story. This is defiantly a subject that you will not see in any other movie. Only Cronenberg would be able to create a movie like this. He is a great director of some strange movies.

I loved the cast for this movie. They all did a great job in the movie.  It was so nice to see Rosanna Arquette in a movie. She has been brushed aside and not used hardly at all. I wanted to see a scene between James Spader and Elias Koteas. Spader  still looked good then, and Elias had it all, so it would have been great to see them really go at it. They got close, but there was still no sex between them. I think being in the movie hurt Holly Hunter's career a bit. This movie was so sexual, and people really do not see her as a sexual actress.

This was a pretty good movie. It is not for everyone. It is worth watching once, but I just do not know about rewatching it. If you have never seen it, then you may want to give it a chance. Enjoy.

Crash (1996) Trailer

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