Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Butch Camp (1996)

Director: Alessandro De Gaetano

Stars: Judy Tenuta, Paul Denniston, Jason Teresi

Twentysomething Matt is a beleaguered and high-strung gay wimp who, while cute, can’t seem to get laid and is the helpless butt of his boss’ jokes. He decides that he’s not going to take it anymore and enrolls in a de-queenifacation, macho-enhancing self-help course headed by a whip-snapping, neo-Fascist instructor named Captain Samantha Rottweiler. His efforts to get the limp out of his wrist include venturing into enemy territory. There he meets Janet Cockswell and her beefcake jock boyfriend Rod Cazzone. Love fills the air as our hero finds himself the object of Janet’s as well as the closeted Rod.

This was not too bad of a movie. It was okay. There were some funny parts to the movie, but just not enough of them. It so needed more. If they wanted this movie to work better, then they needed to make it happen. This movie needed more over the top funny scenes, and it needed more sex and nudity. You just cannot go wrong with sex and nudity in a gay movie. It sells, and this movie needed it.

Judy Tenuta was not the star of this movie. She was just the most known person in the movie. She needed the money or something. She was pretty good in the movie. There were some lines used from her stand up routine. The rest of the cast were not too bad. This was not the greatest of movies. A lot of this movie was filled with some really bad dialogue and acting from the main character. There was several scenes that were highly overacted in this movie. It made those scenes really bad.

This movie is pretty silly. It had a straight guy coming out, out of nowhere, and another looking to force a man to give him head. This was not written that well, or it might have been edited it badly. It may be worth watching once, but I just do not know about several times. Enjoy.
Butch Camp (1996)

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