Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Toast (2010)

Director: S.J. Clarkson

Stars: Oscar Kennedy, Victoria Hamilton, Colin Prockter, Helena Bonham Carter, Ken Stott, Freddie Highmore

Young Nigel Slater has big culinary aspirations, even though all his mother knows how to make is toast. When his mother dies, relations grow strained between Nigel and his father, especially when he remarries a woman who wins his heart with a lemon meringue pie. Nigel enters culinary school, starts working in a pub and finds himself competing with his stepmother. They are both in the kitchen trying to gain his father's attention.

Toast is based upon the autobiographical book, Toast: The Story of a Boy's Hunger, written by English food writer, journalist and broadcaster, Nigel Slater. This was a very interesting biopic on him. The title of the movie makes the movie seem like it would be one of the most boring movies to sit through. Of course it does. Toast makes one think of something that is plain and dull. I am sure that made some people to stay away from the movie. It is a shame, but it was such a good movie. It is a bit slow, I guess. It is so worth checking out.

The acting in this movie was excellent. I am not a fan of  Helena Bonham Carter, but she was so good in this movie. All of the cast worked so hard to make this movie and these characters come to life. There is a dept in this movie that takes into this family to see how badly Nigel is treated.  Freddie Highmore just blew this performance away.

If you sit and watch this movie, and you get you into this deep complex story of this man's upbringing, you start to understand all of the metaphors that are used in this story.  I just thought it was brilliantly made. You know I want you to watch the movie, then read about most of the details on here. Enjoy.

Toast (2010) Trailer

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